O'Leary: Examining the post-Rourke BC Lions

General managers and coaches don’t like to play the what-if game, but it’s hard not to go there with the BC Lions; especially now.

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Prediction: The O-line collapses by game three.

If the money is there I would like to see him hook up with Lewis again. Don't think that will happen though if BC can sign there guys.

Re: Who is the Next Big Thing:
My dangerous prediction for 2023 is that Levi Lewis will emerge as the #1 QB for the Roughriders, and will take them to the Western Final.

I think what everyone needs to remember is that Rourke had a good year, but that is all he had - ONE good year. The idea of a "post Rourke" era is nonsense! When the chips were down (at the end of the season) and when he could have made the difference - he didn't come through. That is not his fault - he is only one player on the team - and that is my point here!

BC will do just fine this year, if Rourke wants back in, then I am sure he will be happy to know that he can come and try out along with the others. He just hasn't proved that he is that good - yet!

You never know - brave prediction. I'll only caution you with this. Lewis comes out of the Southeast - Paul Jones' home turf. Jones is a fantastic scout but didn't bring any real top end QB's to Edmonton in his long stay there as I recall. Stefan Lefors was one, if memory serves, but really didn't pan out in the CFL despite glittering college stats. A 4th rounder in the NFL draft.

The CFL is trending towards bigger QB's. Lewis is listed @ 5'10' 184 which would, I believe, make him the smallest starter in the league. He has long odds iMO to lead the team this year but you never know. Interesting thoughts. I'll keep an eye on him come pre-season. :smiley:

In football you never take anything for granted. There is always room for improvement. The Lions still need to improve offensive line, defensive line and special team. Special team wasn't good last year and allowed many kick returns for touch downs. I think they should go after Kenny Lawler to replace Bryan Burnham at receiver.

Thanks, pants. After seeing film of Levi Lewis' play in college, I had hoped that WPG would recruit him. While there are no guarantees, of course, my (inexpert) estimation was that he played like a consummate CFL QB - the vision, the intelligence, the athleticism. Marc Trestman talked recently about how the skill-set of a CFL QB far exceeds that of an NFL QB. It was that intangible that grabbed my attention with respect to Levi Lewis. Might he be another Little General? One can hope for SSK's sake (disclaimer: I don't bleed Green anymore).