O'Leary: Evans' winding road leads to ESF

MONTREAL — Danny Maciocia wasn’t exactly giving away game day secrets when the topic of Dane Evans came up, but he was honest when he was asked about the quarterback his team will be facing on Sunday.

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I am an Als fan, but I have followed the Dane Evans story for a few years now. I even spent a bit of time in Denton Texas for school, which is very close to Sanger Texas Evans' hometown. I like this dude. I have enjoyed reading his interviews and comments over the years. The CFL is lucky to have guys like Dane. I hope he stays in the league for a while. He's a very smart individual.
As an Als fan I also read RDS... Many comments say CFL is bush league (in French), but it's truly a beautiful game, and one that values the cerebral aspect of life.
Just a beautiful game, the 3 Down Game.
While I hope Trevor, Danny, Geno and the boys come away victorious, above all I hope for a wonderful game with fantastic performances from both sides, including Dane.

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One of the keys to this East Semi-Final game will be which team pass blocks better. :shushing_face: Both Trevor Harris and Dane Evans can be thrown off their game, through one punishing hit. :exclamation: The Als will try to maintain the time of possession with William Stanback and company. The Als receivers may have a slight edge over the Cats. The home team has won each time in the 2022 regular season. The team who is able to capitalize on the turnover battle will likely be the winner. :bangbang: I like the Als by 3 points. :football: :canada: