O'Leary: Evans hits his first bump in the road

It was a brief, passing moment (aptly) between a pair of quarterbacks at the end of the game that may have slipped by those watching on TV.

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"the rookie was going up against a Chris Jones-influenced defence, " Geeze why are these reporters so hooked on a guy like jones who has cheated, shown disrespect to both the CFL and Canada, not to mention the teams he was working for in the past. Jones' rep is way over blown and his ignorant attitude while up here in our country deserves to be regarded as it is, not honored !

That's the trouble with glass slippers, they don't last long.

Can't argue against Jones' success. He gets results.

I heard a story that Rod Petersen told on his show about Chris Jones, Petersen said he was always defending 3down football and the CFL to his NFL colleagues when he was working for the Browns. I think Jones has respect for the CFL and 3down football

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If Jones has respect for the CFL then why did he try cheating the rules by having unsigned players at his practices when he was in Regina? He received multiple thousands of $$ in fines for his evil ways and harmed the Rep of the Rider Organization.

Showing respect means honoring the establishment and the associated rules. Why did he refuse to shake the hands of his opponent head coaches after each game. It is a formality , yes , but it demonstrates fair play and good sportsmanship, something the CFL tries to promote at every game. Why did he bring the Eskimos out to play the games after the Canadian Anthem, only quitting after he was warned then next time fined. Is that a respectful way to honor out country? That isn’t respect that is an ignorant, selfish, spoiled idiot. Jones doesn’t even know how to spell respect. Why did he leave the Stamps for Toronto without even so much as telling Huff. The only way Huff found out about him leaving his position on the Stamps Coaching team was at the start of training camp when Jones never showed up. Forcing Huff to scramble to find a replacement DC. And why did he negotiate the job in Regina while the Grey Cup was being played out when he was in Edmonton. He could have at least postponed until after the season. Then taking nearly all the coaches with him to Regina? And let’s not forget how he shafted the Riders by signing a new contract with the Riders then within a month jumped on a plane headed to the USA just before their training camp and free agency > Leaving the organization (4 positions short) without a VP GM. HC and DC. If you still think he has respect after I point all that out, then you have no understanding of the word “RESPECT”

As for Jones defending the CFL when working for the Browns. Peterson got that BS from Jones himself. You buy into anything Jones says about himself? Give your head a shake !

Then think again. He was snowing Peterson since he was live on his show with thousands listening.

As for his results? How did the Riders do under his complete unrestricted leadership (he was VP. GM. HC & DC) ? He could get and do anything he wanted. They didn’t even get thru Western finals after 3 years! With all the authority and power (not counting his wages of $700, 000/season + expenses which he had living in a hotel during the seasons) was he not able to at least get to the GC game.

I think Chris Jones shouldn’t have been allowed across our boarder again! We don’t need his type here. With all that history on Jones, Pinball will regret this decision mark my words !

No question in my mind...

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Jeez, get over your hate for Jones. You're a Stamps fan, why would you care on why he left Saskatchewan.

People change on their views and behavior over time. Why can't Jones? I saw him on the game last light, he seemed more invigorated than he last coached in the league. This gets him back as head coach in either Edmonton or Ottawa.

Grey Cup wins are results.

BTW, Edmonton is now known as the Elks, not by their former name

Ok you have the same love for that despicable excuse for a human being as the Media writers. I get it ! Because all you focused on was just 2 things

That he left Sask and that he was lucky enough to be on the same team (Toronto & Calgary) when those teams won a Grey Cup. (BTW he was under the direction & control of real HCs & GMs). Not so when he was left in control in Sask, right?????

Oh and yes he won as the HC in Edmonton but again under the Direction & Control of their GM who gave him a winning team before he even started. He had nothing to do with the selection of those stars.

BWT Teams win not because of 1 player or 1 subordinate coach, that’s why its referred to as a TEAM WIN.

But you neglected all those other traits that I pointed out. Forgot ? or just blocked them out because you have already made up your mind on Jones?

And You just can’t stand to acknowledge what a scoundrel he is.

Jones can’t change his ways because it’s in his DNA and he benefited from his ways since he first was hired in the CFL, so why change now? If he is so good why did he get fired from the Browns???

I care not which team he left. I just can’t stand ignorant, selfish, disrespectful, & despicable cheaters the likes of Jones.

I can’t understand why you would, without any real indication he has even attempted to change. You saw him with short flashes on the sideline and suddenly you’re an expert in human behavior& in Chris Jones. Go ahead keep up your blind love for him. Maybe time will educate you.

Yes I’m a long time Stamp fan who has never forgiven Jones for his treatment of Huff just before training camp. He disrespected Huff and the Stamps by leaving without so much as a Good-Bye or advance notice. In fact no notice what-so-ever. Very ignorant, very unprofessional ! And that hatred was re-enforced when I saw his performances since in Edmonton & Sask.

Don’t bother to respond again, as I can tell your mind is made up on Jones. And you’re welcome to that opinion!!!

You need some counselling. It's not good for you keep this much anger towards a another human being. Get Well

Jones has no respect for anyone.

You can only say that he disrespected your team, not you as an individual. Until he has personally disrespected you. You shouldn't have a hatred for the man

I thought I'd see comments on how Evans needed to play a team not in last place before they measure how successful he will be in the CFL.

Lets stick to that. He looked good in the first game. He has natural athletic ability, if he figures out Ottawa's O and then can read all the different D, he'll have a solid shot similar to Vernon Adams in Montreal.

Lets see how it goes, otherwise this will be another Ottawa 'play spoiler' developmental year.

Chris Jones did not leave Calgary at the start of training camp. He was announced as the Argos DC in early December. Stamps promoted Dave Walkowsky as his replacement in late December. Then, Walkowsky left in late February to coach at Georgia Tech. John Hufnagel eventually hired Edmonton Special Teams Coach Rick Campbell soon afterward to run the defense.

At the time, it was obvious that Chris Jones was going to Toronto. First time HC Scott Milanovich was his buddy, and GM Jim Barker was the one who brought Jones to Calgary in the first place.

When Jones was fined in Edmonton for showing up late onto the field, I would classify that as a team with a new HC being disorganized rather him hating Canada.

Seriously, Jones disrespects the CFL? This is his 18th season as a coach in the league. There are probably only a few active coaches who have lasted longer than that.

Jones also is known for running open tryouts almost every weekend in the off-season to find players even when he was not the GM. Often times, there were two in a weekend. Jones traveling across the US every weekend to find players as well as him being a good DC is why CFL teams have coveted him.

He personally disrespected me and every other Saskatchewan fan when he pulled Durant after the first quarter in the last game at old Taylor Field just for spite. And that is not the only incident, hardly.

That's fine. I don't need his respect, but I also have FAR MORE than enough just cause to not like the guy.

Rod Peterson!! How does a Stamp fan know about him, Peterson, Rider Team announcer for years. Didn't Rod get fired by the radio station that covered the Rider games? Right after the Jones era? I believe so. Where is Rod Peterson now?
I agree on Jones. Good coach but he is not going to hit it off in some markets. Toronto will suit him well. He is not bigger than the city.

You shouldn't take it personally. Jones made a football decision that had no impact on you and your life. Let it go. Jones has moved on. It's time that you should as well

No, HE did it personally to the fans and to Durant in particular. Just like when in 2015 in Regina he took a knee on first down, a knee on second down, then took a shot at the endzone on third down WITH ONLY A 5 PT LEAD! Just to give the finger to Saskatchewan. I shook my head at that one but I told my Edmonton friends that if I were them I'd be bloody pissed that he would risk losing the game on a pick-six just to do something spiteful.

Just like the first move he made when he arrived in Regina was to fire the long time trainer Ivan Guttfriend.

Again, he has given me personally many many MANY reasons not to like him and that's my right. He's nothing but an arrogant, lying, cheating, no good, dirty spiteful tool, and I say this for the hundredth time, I would have absolutely zero trouble saying that to his face.