O'Leary: Elks' QB battle moves into pre-season

When the Edmonton Elks’ depth chart was released on Thursday, anyone that opened it up did so hoping for some answers.

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So many possibilities at quarterback for the EE's (I wanna call them EE's as in 'Gee Gee's'). It's both exciting and scary at the same time. Of the group they have now I think Arbuckle worries me the most. He's the ONLY quarterback in the CFL our defense couldn't figure out early on last season.

Richie Hall has plenty of game film on Arbuckle now and I'll bet he's still smarting from his lone failure last year to contain the CFL's best running quarterback. Tre Ford could present a challenge as well. He's got "Russell Wilson-type escapability" which is kinda what's needed in an offense built to beat our D. Chris Jones might be smiling after this game.

No sure we'll get much on either side out of this game but we could be surprised. Jones is bringing a pile of newcomers, especially on defence. Things to watch on Bomber side for me - kicking, RB's & receivers. Got to be someone to step up for Harris & Lawler/Adams. Only veteran brought in was Ellingson with Saunders gone.

Elks have one projected starter @ DB, whole pile of newbies @ LB, mostly National ST's & Abraham @ MLB who was brought in 3 days ago. Schemes should be pretty basic. Haven't seen the Bomber depth chart but it will be interesting to see how the RB's/receivers do vs a fairly rookie laden D on the other side.

Sure a lot of Elk news on this site. There's no such thing as an Elks! I guess all those championships that team with the other name used to buy will have to be expunged from the records now. That leaves Edmonton as the only CFL city without a Grey Cup.

Looks like they have a plan to play everybody tonight. With all the rookies/new to the CFL players I hope its not a penalty fest and we get a good look at guys.

They have had a look at a lot of guys so far and have been shuffling them in and out of camp.

Not too worried about the D. Lots of rookies but enough of a core of experience to get guys up to speed and make sure they are doing the right things.

Very excited to get a look at Tre Ford today......