O'Leary: Early off-season questions

We’re officially a month into the CFL off-season, but the last week may prove to be a significant one for the Montreal Alouettes.

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Can't wait for Part 2----Win, Sask, BC, Cal, TO----

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These are O'Leary's 'Early off-season questions'. You'll see more in his 'Not so early off-season questions'.

no word on the re-signing of boris bede
he should be argos #1 priority
i would make pipkin the new #1 QB w/ possibly trevor harris as backup but he's not a great runner and didnt do well in edmonton, iffy in montreal
just get a young running QB as #2

Pipkin wont be a successful starter. McBeth should be the guy but Argos dont deserve him. If Mac is only Argos 2nd choice he should move on. Could see McBeth as starter in BC. Keep in mind,Pinball has already stated Dimwitty does not get to decide what QB they sign. Dinwitty likes McBeth. Yes Dinwitty will be asked his opinion,but decision will be Pinball