O'Leary: Dickenson, Stamps open to change in 2024

After an uncharacteristic 2023 season, the Calgary Stampeders just might have an uncharacteristic start to the new year.

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Even less here than I expected, and expectations were low.

Every team goes through what Calgary is experiencing - they have had a good run with great teams and great results. They have a good coach and a good organization - give them time.

The Stamps had great coaches over the past 3 - 4 years but other teams came and raided them, They also had some pretty great players but free agency had them leave for other teams . Yes that is football, but Calgary has experienced MORE than their share of raided players & coaches than any other CFL team.
Losing coaches wasn’t necessarily the Stamps fault. There are only so many promotions within a team.
But losing some of those great players is because of Huff and now Dickenson being very stingy with the salaries.
Hopefully Dave Dickenson has learned his lesson this season.

Find a quarterback and a ownership group that is willing to pay for talent