O'Leary: Ceresna commits to an Elks rebound

Jake Ceresna came out of the 2022 season with some momentum.

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Love it…The Elks need to be on a mission this season.

Ceresna on a mission is a one man wrecking crew…but even better, those are the team leaders, the get focused and bring intensity guys. The Elks can use a lot of that…


IMO Elks will be much improved on both sides of the ball. Two veteran DE’s will benefit playing beside Ceresna. Avery averages 1 sack every 3 games, AC was good prior to injury & when he came back both Marino & Lanier were gone. Neither Robertson or AC had sacks after that. Having Purifoy & Grymes for a full year gives them some good veteran DB’s. So, should be a good year for your Elks. The offence looks really good. I see Cornelius taking a big step up. :sunglasses:

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“Elks” do not exist, there are no “Elks”, only elk.

There are no pythons native to North America, only boa constrictors. But, just to be sure, pythons have one more bone in their head than boas, so maybe you’re ok. :rofl::joy: Just joking, Monty. You know we luv ya.

I’m sure a quick look in either the Merriam-Webster or Oxford dictionaries will show you both “elks” and “elk” are acceptable and grammatically correct. After two years, this is still your argument? Time to move on, Monty


Yes, at least he could’ve revisited my ‘Elkie’ (Sommers) mascot idea. Here she is wearing her 1960’s Cold War Edmonton Eskimo colors while sporting America’s favorite bikini accessory:

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Now you used all those big words you have him confused…


Welcome aboard BearPaw. Elkie had a whole arsenal in her day, & a rifle too it seems. Maaax. :smiley:

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