O'Leary: Breaking down Day 1 of free agency

Tuesday morning started off, appropriately, with Shawn Burke, Paul LaPolice and Jeremiah Masoli all on a Zoom call, talking about their new partnership.

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I will predict the Lions will be watching playoff football again this year.

Don’t say that… is it because we are going after too many Canadian Boys?

We can get good Internationals to plug and play. Maybe that is the plan for our OLine this year… big angry young Americans?

I think BC will be a very exciting team to watch this year. They may not win the Cup, eight teams won't, but they will be fun.

Good article. It would be nice to see a team-by-team opinion once the dust settles.
For my team, Ticats, IMO they did pretty well keeping their defence and O line largley intact and even bringing back Leonard, replaced Acklin departure with Durant. Dont think Davis departure will hurt as much as predicted. Need an experienced kicker now.

Very nicely done. The best thing about free agency? Pretty much every fan has hope they're going to be have a good team. And I do think the gap between the haves & have nots last year has been narrowed.

Absolutely nothing about Sask. signing Moncrief and Sankey though which oh so typical on this tsn joke of a site.