O'Leary: Bombers tune out world of pressure

WINNIPEG — It’s there, all around the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

On Sunday, the two-time defending Grey Cup champs will put their season on the line against the BC Lions in the Western Final. It’s their first post-season step toward making CFL history. If the Bombers can pull off this win, advance to the 109th Grey Cup and win that, they’ll become the first three-peat champion the league has since since Edmonton was in the midst of its five-in-a-row run from 1978-1982.

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Coach Mike O'Shea never gets too worked up about anything. After all these years we've come to expect that his calm demeanor will seldom change. His players are basking in the glow of his success so it's only natural that they're also following in his footsteps.

That even keeled approach weeds out the anger fueled mistakes that other teams make time and time again. There's never any panic on the field even when other teams have a sizeable lead. And perhaps most importantly, O'Shea's group is always focused on the game at hand which, thanks to his leadership... they've learned how to win. :partying_face: