O'Leary: Bombers finally get to see Dunigan's record-setting game

For 26 years, one of the greatest single-game accomplishments in CFL history had gone largely unseen.

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I hope this gets posted to YouTube!

Who were the broadcasters in 1994 and why wasn't this game carried? I notice the Grey Cup (26-23 B.C. over Baltimore) was on TSN.

I had just moved from Winnipeg to Edmonton and was in a sports bar on the Edmonton Trail and watched the game on the big screen tv
All the Eskimo fans were in shock and awe as I was in my glory watching Dunigan destroy the Eskies
I don’t need to see it again as I can replay that in my memory still
Best game ever for a Bomber fan

Your memory must be faulty -- as the story says, and as has been reported many times before, the game was not televised, anywhere. (Also, I believe Edmonton Trail is in Calgary; Calgary Trail is in Edmonton.)

Man that's cool. And I should send an e-mail and get that game in our official digital archives.

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