O'Leary: Banks getting used to Double Blue life

Earlier this week, Brandon Banks posted a picture on his Instagram story as he was walking back into the locker room after practice. It was a look at the CN Tower from the Exhibition Grounds in downtown Toronto. On Wednesday night, he shared a picture of the tower lit up in Toronto Argonauts’ blue, ahead of Thursday’s season opener at BMO Field, encouraging fans to come to the game.

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I am very eagerly awaiting the Argos home opener in Week 2 versus the Als. Here are the 2 big reasons in my photos :star_struck:

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I am starting to think that the TO "scouts" just sit back and watch games on TSN and go...oooh ooh that guy there. So rarely do you ever hear of the Argos developing talent from the draft but always seem to be big players in free agency...and then those players are just meh playing in the double blue.

MLSE is having a hard time getting fans in the seats (a Toronto problem actually for a couple decades) so they need to go after big names to hopefully sell tix. It worked in the Doug Flutie era and they need to replicate it.