O'Leary: Awe another perfect fit Stamps signing

We went into the weekend talking about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and all of the moves they’ve made since the free agent market opened up on Valentine’s Day.

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As I watched the free agency unfold I was moved by how much teams like Toronto, Hamilton and even Edmonton got in there and signed numerous potential game changing players. How could they afford these players yet Calgary was sitting back and letting our best players leave. It seemed almost like maybe Dave Dickenson wasn't up to the job. Then the Stamps signed Howsare to take over on the D line with James Vaughters & Rose . But with the signing of Awe to fill in for Thurman and re-signing Judge, I am now anxious for the season to begin and see how the Stamps progress. I'd say the Stamps are going to do just fine, thankyou.

Whatever O'Leary, got your red undies on while you write all the pro Stampeder articles?

Less is more - every year teams seem to go all in on free agency and it never works. Cgy and Blue Bombers are confident in their own guys and it shows in standings consistently...

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I believe all the writers get paid for the articles they post. All of them are grasping at something to write about until the season begins. I have seen many articles about the Ticats, the Riders , the Argos, Montreal etc ! I don't get jealous when I read these articles because I know the writers are just trying to do their jobs. Not much happened in FA for Bombers or Lions so of course not much is written. When the season begins you will see more articles for your favourite team. Maybe too many! :grinning:

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