O'Leary: Argos' chemistry experiment pays off

It’s not the kind of thing you often see on the roster of a team that’s a win away from playing for a Grey Cup.

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An interesting spin on the 2021 Toronto Argonauts. When you get through the veil of this euphemistic article; this is a bought team, likely well over the salary cap with quite a few back heavy contracts that will not be honored in the end. This is not the right way to conduct business in the CFL.


And broke the coaches/operations cap.

It seems crazy to me that back-loaded contracts are allowed in a league where players can be cut at any time.

CFL has again showed it's true gutlessness in allowing the the ARGO Players who broke protocol to play! You set rules then break them to serve a purpose.
JUST LIKE the useless officiating the CFL is sadly spineless and has no Credibility !