O'Leary: Argos bask in GC109 glow

The confetti cannons fired, an appreciative crowd roared and those sitting closest to the stage at Maple Leaf Square on Thursday got a champagne shower, courtesy of the 2022 Grey Cup champs.

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It didn't surprise me to read that MBT didn't celebrate with his team mates - just typical. Now that they had their time in the sun - let's forget the 2022 Grey Cup and look towards next year!

Congrats Argos. Great championship win. Next year, Lions for the Cup.

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MBT should be history - he can not win THE game.
Chad Kelly can - as displayed.

And MacBeth and his non-show displays his devotion and arrogance - sidelines tantrums and ridiculous misthrows nonwithstanding.

Also drop the childish Banks at the same time.


Argos have concluded their moment in the Toronto spotlight. Back to irrelevance and small attendance for five years. Looking fwd to 2027.

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I could see early in the year that the Argo defence was strong..Very good acquisitions by Pinball. Strong Canadian players & supportive teammates. For once the Argos had a great runnimg tandem and I think that balanced this team out. Bottom line is these guys hate to lose.

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