O'Leary: Alternate end of season awards

We saw the CFL’s best of the best recognized on Nov. 17 in Regina, ahead of the 109th Grey Cup. To the surprise of few, we saw Zach Collaros walk away with his second consecutive Most Outstanding Player award. To the surprise of exactly no one, we saw Nathan Rourke named Most Outstanding Canadian player.

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Nathan Rourke showed more excitement in 10 games than Collaros did in the whole season and was definitely the most outstanding player in the league in 2022. He should have won the award, no offense to Zach.

Zach Collaros showed more excitement then anyone this season, you never knew where he was going to put the ball, Rourke in my opinion is overrated and should not have been the Top Canadian this season.

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Nope. Look at the head to head match up, not even close. The kid is okay, but the media hyped him like they hype the Toronto Maple Leafs. Saying Rourke should have won the MOP is like saying the Leafs should have won the Cup. It's just not reality.

Exactly. The temptation to Canadian bash is too prevalent. He brought fire and excitement to a game losing fans. Even after his injury, he energized fans and attracted them to the game, not just in BC but wherever he played. He made a leaky O-line look good. He elevated his receiving corps. He was phenomenal. No question Collaros had a good season but Rourke elevated not just the Lions but the entire league.

Nathan Rourke fits the above award as described but Zach Collaros was the MOP without a doubt. If you closely watch all the Bomber games in 2022, time and time again Collaros made ridiculous throws from unexpected positions (e.g. be parallel to the ground but in the air as he threw) and situations (e.g. jumping over the line of scrimmage but still completing the pass before his foot hit the ground) to extend drives or throw TD passes.