O'Leary: (All of) the Elks' streaks end tonight

As this was written, it was a cool 16-degree morning in Edmonton with rain expected through the day, clearing just in time for kickoff at Commonwealth Stadium.

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If your predictions come true it will be dark days for the Tiger-Cats. Dark days indeed. :cloud_with_lightning: :cyclone: :cloud_with_rain:

Wonder if they’ii play tonight given the damned smoke

it is dark days, not going to be.

but maybe it’ll be what it takes to make some major changes in our pathetic coaching staff.

… Pretty poor air quality alright.

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There’s someething amiss here: " While the offence has shown improvement in the three weeks that [Matthew Shiltz] has taken over starting duties, he has had his share of trouble out West. Tonight marks his 11th career start and he stands at an even 5-5. Those five wins have all come against East opponents. He is 0-5 against West Division teams." Shiltz started for Hamilton’s first home game this year, 23 June and lost to Montreal. Shiltz started on 20 August for Hamilton last lear and lost to Montreal. I have not been able to track down 5 starts against the west, but I believe I have found 7 starts against the east in 21-23. I’m not sure if this article is the source of this misinformation or if it goes deeper, but this was repeated on last nights TSN broadcast, and this is just not accurate. I hope someone sees this and can update some corrected information somewhere. Hearing the same incorrect information repeated is discouraging.