O'Leary: A trip down football's memory lane with Marv Levy

In his five years coaching the Montreal Alouettes, Marv Levy got the full Canadian experience.

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Ive always admired Marv Levy as a head coach. He was within one "wide right" from head coaching both a Grey Cup and Super Bowl winner. IIRC no one has ever HC'd both championships as winners.


I had the honor and privilege of having a discussion with Peter Dalla Riva at a Hall of Fame induction ceremony two years ago, and I took the opportunity to ask him about Coach Levy and his opinion on the NFL notion that he "could not win the big one." As a Bills season ticket holder I always loved Levy and wanted to know what Mr. Dalla Riva thought. He informed me that when Marv coached the Alouettes, the team was always prepared for everything. All they had to do was execute. He believed that the Bills players failed him (something we agreed on wholeheartedly) and that was why they lost. Stories you hear about Jim Kelly's conduct at the Super Bowls lends creedence to that, coming from fans who attended the big games and observed some of the shenanigans. By the way, if you have never attended a Canadian HOF induction, consider it because it is a intimate affair that allows for fans to mingle with players and family on the big night. Have a great day everyone.