O'Leary: A holiday wish for each CFL team

It was three years ago that I was on the couch, reunited with my family for the first time in too long, watching one of my mom’s favourite Christmas movies, Miracle on 34th Street.

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All the stamps need is to sign their targeted FAs and a bit of experience for this youngest team in CFL...

The Stamps are full of experienced players that just aren’t as good as they used to be. One thing on every teams wish list is that Little Bo Levi is the Stamp starting QB in 2022.


Your right and Bo is done and washed up , please please stamps keep Bo as your starter

Edmonton Elk first adding Chris Jones now adding legendary Geroy Simon as assistant GM are building to be dominate again , everybody in the league is starting to take notice

Actually, they aren't 6 starters on D where on d where in first or 2nd year. 2 firsts year starters on O-line, 1st year punter, kicker returner and statically youngest team in league, yet still won more than we lost..... thats what we do in off years.. how's an off year look for your team??????

Stamps should be a mediocre .500 team in their off years. They have enough experience at it, as only 2 teams in the entire league, B.C. and Ottawa, have won their division (ie. Been to Grey Cup) less than the Stamps have.

lol you love living in the dark ages don't you

CFL wish list ? The stamps WISH they had a real QB lol

I know right. START JAKE MAIER. He's a freakin stud

Second on their list will be their coach getting his "enson" back on his name, rather than just being a "Dick".

Jake would look awesome in Edmonton with Chris Jones

I guess. But I think he should just start in Calgary

Maier is better than any back up the riders have.....you guys are incapable of finding g their own QB

The QB is only as good as his Oline. Calgary and Toronto can keep finding the QBs to feed the league, but they only shone with a good Oline. Bo had a couple good years behind a good line, then has proving to be pretty average behind an inferior one. The question is has he been hit enough the past two seasons to get into his head.... 80+% feel he has been

80+% yeah? Where did you dig up that figure?

Uh Duke Williams didn't get there until about 4 games left in the season, this makes it sound like he was there from training camp.

Just out of curiosity, who was the Stamps Q.B. before Mitchell and who brought him to the league. When he got hurt who wah the Stamps backup that came in and who brought him into the league. That's 2 active at once Q.B.'s that your friends, the riders, found for you. How soon you forget, Jack knives just don't cut it on here. Maybe you and Inhuffwetrust should pool your Jack Knives and maybe trade them for a paring Knife. Still not much amo in a gunfight though.

Are you referring to Burris? That was the Stamps again who brought him into the league

Try Tate and Glenn. Stamps 1-2 punch for over a year.