O'Leary: A big week for Ottawa, Edmonton fans

The most basic concept of engaging sports fans is the idea of hope.

If fans have something to believe in, whether it’s one talented young player or a core of players coming up together, or some new bodies in the coach or GM chairs, it can reset a lot of angst, frustration or abandonment that creeps in with prolonged losing.

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Good news all around. Experienced help is on the way for Ottawa and Edmonton while Winnipeg gets to keep O'Shea and Ted Goveia. The dynasty has a chance to continue. :partying_face:

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Comparing Chist Jones to John Hufnagel in any way shape or form is disgusting.
CHRIS O'LEARY you should be ashamed of yourself. Chris Jones is disespectful to the league and Canada by bringing out his team after the national anthem, only quitting after the league fined him. Refusing to shake the hands of his opponent coaches after the game (except the Argo's coach). Shows he has no respect for the sport or his opponents! Jones caught cheating the rules of the league that cost the riders thousands of $$$ in fines. Leaving the Stamps for Toronto without at least advising Huff prior to training camp, forcing Huff to quickly find another DC with no notice. All of which John Hufnagel wouldn't ever do, proves Chris Jones is no way near in the same class as Huff. So Jones should never have his name printed in the same paragraph as John Huffnagel unless it is to put down the attitude and personality of that scoundrel!
There is no way Chris Jones will ever achieve the respect and success of Wally Bono or John Hufnagel. Not in this league for sure.
And his failure in the NFL proves his rep is all over blown out of proportion.

Stampederfan, O'Leary isn't comparing Jones to Hufnagel. The references to Huf & Buono were made by Jones, only that he would like to stay in one place to create a legacy like those 2 by putting a body of work in place with one team. O'Leary only suggested that Jones can only be coaxed to another team if it wasn't a lateral move which would only happen if he became or added President to his title like Hufnagel. This no disrespect to Hufnagel here at all.