O'Leary: 5 Semi-Final storylines to follow

It will be two years to the day on Wednesday since the Winnipeg Blue Bombers hoisted the Grey Cup in Calgary.

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So according to this Dave Dickenson finally won a game against his brother..Dave Dickenson. Might want to hire some proof readers.

well, Craig is the forgotten brother in the Dickensen household

Nobody proof reads anymore, and it shows.

It was the Als versus the Cats in Week 9. Please correct your sloppy writing. :rofl:

How do we feel about the Riders? If they want to be taken seriously they will need to win some playoff games. The last playoff game they played, against the Bombers they lost at home. It was real close, but they lost. Calgary is no where near the team the Bombers were in 2019 nor are they their equal in 2021. Calgary is barely a 500 team and if the Riders can't win at home Sunday, they would be an average CFL playoff team. If they can win in the playoffs then they can be considered a contender.

AW. You guys take all the fun out of correcting bad writing, by getting to it before I could. I wouldn't have nailed that "forgotten brother" comment though. Good one Horse Guy.

"Proof reading" & "CFL.ca" are oxymorons.

Someone obviously edited the story because it doesn't say that any more.

1 player has already walked out on Riders and another is staying home.. Not a good look ahead of the WSF vs the powerhouse Stamps