O'Leary: 5 games to watch on the 2021 schedule

We’re entering into a fun stretch in the CFL off-season.

In a normal year and in normal times, that post-draft, pre-training-camps portion of the CFL calendar isn’t that exciting. As we all know, though, these times have been anything but normal.

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The 5 games I am most interested in not missing over the ones in this article because I believe they will be outstanding competitions.

  • both Calgary/Edmonton Labour Day matchups - Always for over a century the most thrilling Alberta bragging Rivalry in CFL history. (closely matched up wins/losses)
  • The Eastern Stamps (Argos)/ Stampeders - because it will be the Argo Coach & QB understudies (with a number of recent Stampeder players) against their Calgary mentors,
  • Sask / Calgary Games (any 3 of them) because there is a historical Rivalry that creates great excitment until the gun sounds Plus the HCs are brothers with anticipated bragging rights to encourage both.
  • Calgary/BC games (any 3 of them) because there has always been competition between the 2 QBs (Reilly & Mitchell) and they are the present higher paid QBs in the CFL because of their talent and success records, Both have their reps to protect.

I got 2 times this season cgy west and cgy east lol