Oldest Team in the CFL

If Calgary is the third-oldest team in the Canadian Football League, what CFL team is the oldest team in the league's history?

Toronto then Hamilton

So, you're saying Toronto is the oldest CFL team, followed by Hamilton and then Calgary. OK, I think I got the message.

But the Tiger-Cats not really that old, they were formed in the late 1940s, there were two teams that were combined the Wildcats and the Tigers

And back pre-1930s it was basically Rugby not football as we know it now.

OK. I see what you're saying.

Yes that is true, but the argument can be does merging 2 teams create a new team? Hamilton takes credit for grey cups won by both team(and with that said. I don't care one way or the other so no-one bother me about it) :grinning: Is Edmonton a new team because they are now the Elks?

True again, but does changing sport or having the sport evolve make it a different team?

The Edmonton Elks were previously known as (1) Edmonton Eskimos; and (2) Edmonton Football Team. I have not heard very much about a new CFL team that would be known as the Atlantic Sxhooners (unless I'm mistaken).

They are the Elk not Elks

uhhhhh no......

The question is confusing

The oldest CFL team in league history would begin with the league itself

Teams can have roots before the league but that would be the team history not the league history

Toronto is oldest team easily
Hamilton Ti-Cats were formed from merger or 2 separate teams so the Ti-Cat history does not really extend prior to merger

Name changing a team does not erase it's history (many teams in pro sports leagues do this) since it really is the same team

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I thought it could go two ways what is the oldest team roster in terms of age of players in the history of the CFL or what team was established for the longest continuous period .

Kinda want to know the first one now as I can google the second one .

I always remember the wheeze kids of Philly .

It's hard to consider Hamilton as one continuous operation back to 1868 (founding of the Hamilton Tigers, 50% constituent of the modern Tiger-Cats).

Afterall, the Tigers and WildCats played concurrently for a number of years after the war and prior to the merger in 1950. So it's not fair to claim both's achievements as those of the modern club.

On the other hand, it's hard to ignore the continuity of a yellow and black clad rugby football team in Hamilton that played from 1868 to 1949 with that of the yellow and black clad football team that's played in Hamilton since.

What's really whack is Bob Young claiming the championship of the Hamilton Alerts as one of the 15 for the Tiger-Cats. I'm not sure that club has anything to do with the modern team aside from also having played out of Hamilton.


Did you know the Washington Nationals claim all the Montreal Expos records?

Sure.. but that's one organizational continuity.. it's not three organizations from the same city where one ceased operations, the other two merged and the resultant team claims the championships of all 3.

Do the Montreal Canadiens count the wins of the Maroons?


If I had to guess, Iā€™d go with Toronto

And technically, and to split hairs, the CFL itself only came into being in the late 1950ā€™s with interlocking games beginning in the 1960ā€™s. Before the CFL, the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union or Big Four played in the east and the Western Interprovincial Football Union in the west. I believe they competed annually for the Grey Cup, but otherwise only played each other in exhibition games, not regular season.

So who is oldest, is an interesting question, and you would think there must have been two, otherwise, who did they play? Maybe University teams?

I agree. I just think both are dumb. Different name different city different Country!

What happens if the Gotham City Bats move to Montreal and become the Expos? Who claims the records?

And no-one thought of the Wild Tigers? Its Tiger-Cats?

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I am aware of it

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Its ridiculous in my book