Old way to kick a FG or KC???

on the CFL traditions main show, they show a kicking play (I don't know if it's a FG or a KC, looks like a KC IMO) that I have never seen before.

If you hit the Western Challenge part, the narrator starts talking about the East and the West, etc. Then he mentions the Hamilton Tigers being the first team to go out west to play west teams (shows Hamilton line up) and as the narrator starts naming the cities where they played (Regina, Calgary, etc.) that's when the clip of this play in question appears.

The way the Kick play works looks like this:

  1. The Hamilton (team kicking) QB(?)is laying on the ground, holding on to the ball
  2. The kick kicks like today
  3. Besides the QB and the kicker, there is no one else of the Tiger team on the field. (third guy is obvious the ref)
  4. The other team is on the field set up in what a call a soccer like fashion, really to block the ball and run it to the other end (seems like the whole D is on the field)
  5. there is one D man in the endzone
  6. the kick is made on an angle.

at first, I though I just made it up in my head, but I rewatched it again and again, and it's definably there, and I'm not dreaming.

Anybody notice this? What's up?


What's the link to the clip, I can't find it.

unfortunaly, I don't have a link to the clip, those who have CFL Traditions will just have to put the DVD in and watch what I'm talking about.

I also don't know how to use Youtube.

......this is the picture KK is talking about....


it was mistaken of that yes, but that's not it.

RW, do you have the Calgary edision of CFL Tradisions on DVD?

Well back in those days you made damn sure
the kick was good, because a run back would
have been murder on the kicker and the chin
holder(what the holder use to be called) as
they would have face the entire D returning
any missed kicks.

Needless to say the chin holder usually was the
ugliest guy on the team.

Hahahaha that picture is hilarious.

They definately should bring back that style of field goal kicking.

Actually, upon further scrutiny, isn't that an old photo of KK and his buds where Curly..er, KK was the "tee"? :lol:

So that's why KK is the way he is, too many kicks to the noggin :lol:

Okay, let me see, thats KK with the ball on his head....I know ro1313 wants to kick KK numerous times, would that be him on the left? And who's the holder?

OK, let's re-evaluate this: Larry is the holder. Larry was known to have red hair. So by the process of elimination, the holder has to be.... Red&White? How else do you think he got the pic?

I can think of someone else with red hair!

Howdy Doody has red hair.....mongo, you look a little like Howdy Doody, dontcha?

So does Groundskeeper Willie...

and jm, maybe a lil since the ladies always like me for my wood. :twisted: :lol:

Ahh....so you look like Groundskeeper Willie, then.....good to know.....a Scotsman, huh? Well, Willie/mongo also had red hair.....guess it's you holding the "tee" then..... :wink:

Leastways you're not Pinocchio with the evergrowing, uh.....nose.....

Trust me, jm hunni, its not my nose that grows... especially whenever I see you online. "That aint an updraft in m'kilt" :wink: :lol:

Hmmm.....mongo likes the football talk.....wonders if he also likes the players in pants so tight you can tell what religion they are.....

I like the football talk, but not in THAT manner. I mean, hell, you're talking to a bloke who practically relishes in the old chant that used to eminate during Argo games at the old Exhibition Stadium:

"Block that kick! Block that punt! Grab that cheerleader by the ARRRRRRRRRRRRGOOOOOOOOSSSSSSS!!!"

Now those gals in the short skirts, THAT is the type of thang that appeals to me aside from the action on the gridiron. Homer'ing "Mmmmmmmmm jm in a short skirt. drool" :lol: :wink:

That's the first thread that became a "sticky" all by itself...

Back on topic now, this is definitely not a rule I want in today's game, because the D has too much of an advantage, rather do it the rugby way with the kicker/qb and a one D returner in the End zone or have the O and D = at 12 and 12, but kick from where the TD was scored on both situations (proposed in the off topic section, not good cuz of Hash Marks), or my plan A, and I prefer my plan A.

Needless to say, this kick was changed for a reason, and is now just a page in Canadian Football history, and should remain that way.

But anyway, I just want to confirm what the heck it is I'm watching.

so it's a KC?

God, every time I put that, it makes me hungry, cuz of KFC.