Old video: O'Billovich Distancing Himself From Mosca

He said it on video.
Go to 8:30 of the video to see it and hear it.


Some great footage from night practices at IWS and some behind the scenes of a playoff game in Ottawa against a team that included a rookie DB we know as Obie who went on to be a great GM... in the vid...
"Meanest man in the game."
I recommend watching the whole video. It's details great insight into.......

synth, Coles Notes version on this one, if you will.

Thought I did. Oh wait, you're from London. Give me some more time. :wink:

8) Thanks for that link "synthcat". Some great old videos on there.
   By the way, Angelo "King Kong" Mosca, has a book coming out very soon, titled "Tell Me To My Face", by Steve Milton.

   Would make a great Christmas gift for any fan !!

I remember some sort of promo ad from the 70’s that said “Mosca Eats Bananas” or something to that effect. Anyone else remember that? 8)

Thanks for posting that.
Things seemed mighty strange back then.
My old-man told me that Mosca was the dirtiest player he had ever seen.
But it was okay, because he played for us.