old turf

Can anyone tell me where old turf goes when it's day has come, i would like enough of the old stuff for my games room....and yes i am serious.....GO RIDERS GO

I know a couple of small communitees bought some last time around, to replace there sand greens. Not sure how they got it though?

You should call the Rider's office.

The riders did sell off sections to fans last time, so I suspect we shall see the same this time.

.......I was hoping the same would happen here when they replaced the turf at McMahon, but apparently our turf was donated to needy communities for covering arena floors for indoor soccer and lacrosse ....

Those *****ards -- giving to charity! What's next? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a joke, RedandWhite. :lol:

That’s funny because I was at McMahon when they changed the turf and there was about 3 to 5 industrial sized bins filled with cut up strips of the old turf. Why buy when you can have for free? :wink:

Last time they changed the turf, I was there and some people were just walking out with it. Pretty sure they bought it though.