Old Timey Stats

Found this fun info in the Kid Zone, Stats since 1949. Ottawa's was not accurate (only current stats, none from before the Fold) so sorry gade fans. After the team the numbers are for Games Played, Wins, Losses, Ties, Points For, Points Against and GC wins.

B.C., 839, 382, 434, 23, 18875, 19265, 4
Calg., 902, 455, 429, 18, 21398, 20071, 5
Edm., 910, 540, 352, 18, 22074, 18591, 12
Sask., 908, 419, 466, 23, 19891, 21763, 2
Winn., 935, 489, 434, 12, 21180, 20187, 10
Ham., 860, 421, 422, 17, 18909, 18567, 15
Tor., 872, 387, 471, 14, 18901, 20039, 15
Mont., 716, 339, 356, 21, 15075, 15506, 7

Based on those numbers the all time winning percentage teams:

Edmonton 59.3%
Winnipeg 52.3%
Calgary 50.4%
Hamilton 48.9%
Montreal 47.3%
Saskatchewan 46.1%
B.C. 45.5%
Toronto 44.0%

Toronto has the worst winning percentage, but is tied for most GC wins, which pretty much says the team makes the most of every opportunity.

...good observation, the flip side to that one is Calgary, who with the third best winning percentage is third worst in GC wins.....

I think Ottawas' stats(before the fold) could have been calculated and then the stats. till present day could have been pro-rated and added to the old teams totals to give them a position. Though not totally accurate it would at least have recognized the old Ottawa Rough Riders.....Russ Jackson and crew who had some pretty good years.... :!:

You gonna do it?

It's funny that only 3 teams are .500 or better.

The fact that Toronto is so poor in the wins/losses and so high in Grey Cup wins means two things: One, they don't LOSE many Grey Cup games; and two, when they're good they're very good, and when they're bad they're horrid. Meanwhile teams like Edmonton are consistently good, and play in a bunch of Grey Cups, but only win about half the time.

Glad to see my Ticats fared better than the Argos. Here in Hamilton, that's the only thing that matters. The reason they're actually tied with Toronto is that, while Hamilton wins its share of Grey Cups and has done so throughout Grey Cup history, Toronto had a 31-year drought. Lately they've won more than my Cats, but they had a lot of catching up to do to equal Hamilton's production since the 50s.

If the Ottawa Rough Riders numbers don't show up, why do the old Alouettes' numbers appear here? This is not the franchise that had such glory days in the 70s; this team originated in 1994 as the Baltimore Stallions. It is their numbers that should be included in these stats, while the old Alouettes numbers are lost forever. And do those numbers include the Concordes' stats? They were basically the same franchise with a different name, and were more a part of the old Alouettes team than the current team is.