Old Time Game Procedures

How many of you older fans remember the "off side horn" that the officials wore on their wrist. When an off side occured they would blow the horn and throw a flag. Everyone knew the offense right away. Whatever happened to that, it just faded away along with gun at half and end of game.

Does anyone else recall things along that line that aren't done anymore?

Sure, lots of them...

No timeouts

The minute flag... instead of a 3 minute warning

Tackle eligible play

No blocking on punt returns

Rouge on kickoffs through the endzone

Etc, etc.... some good rules we should have kept, some not so good.

25 yard endzones

I think the tackle eligible is still legal, but you can't do it sneakily; that is why last game the refs kept announcing that "So and so wearing number XX was eligible". Geez, you would think that after hearing it about 50 times I would remember some details.

That 3 man front formation the offense had against the Stamps. Is that old time or just bizarre?

Okay... someone has to say it...

...a winning season by the 'Cats.

I remember the gun,(Its actually still used in BC Place.)
I remember the minute flag,

But you got me on the horn thing.

I remember leather helmets!

Leather helmets! The good old days!
Then there was Reg Bovaird of the Hamilton Wildcats who played with no helmet at all.

Some other memories for the real old-timers...

When there was no 'slotback'. It used to be called 'flying wing'.

Remember when a TD was worth 5 points, not 6?

8) I can still remember seeing Bobby Taylor of the Argos streaking down the sidelines helmetless, as he enacted the old sleeper play at old Civic Stadium !!!

Oh yes. I remember. Why oh why did you bring that up? Why use an A*** as your example?

Drop kicks are gone.
Two-way players too.

8) Mark, you should also remember then that Bobby Taylor finished his career as a Hamilton TigerCat !!!

I have heard oshea goes both ways.

One thing I miss from the 60's, when watching a televised game, was the player introductions. Remember the starting line-up coming out one by one. They would come running out, helmet tucked under their arm, chewing on some gum and stopping suddenly on some X marks the spot place on the field, where the camera would zoom in on the player and the players name and number would pop up on the bottom of the screen. It was a great way to identify with the players and see what they looked like with their helmets off. You would think they could go back to this intro. It sure would be better than the TSN panel rambling on about nothing ten minutes before kickoff.

Polite fans who don’t get up or walk by when there’s a play on the field.