Old TiCats

I've detested the Cats for as long as I can remember but I've often wondered what ever became of some of the players I really disliked. Anyone out there know whatever became of guys like Willie Bethea, Ed Buchanan, Tommy Joe Coffey, Joe Zuger, Garney Henley, etc.

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I emailed them your post and right now they're gathering at the end of your driveway, torches a'blazing. 8)

8) Hey, at least these players that you disliked so much were some of the best players to ever play in the CFL. To satisfy your curiousity, Willie Beathea and Joe Zuger still live in Hamilton. Tommy Joe Coffey lives in Burlington and Garney Henley lives back in South Dakota. Sorry, don't know the whereabouts of Ed Buchanan !!!!

To quote an old high school math teacher "they hate ya when you're great". And these were great players--still detested them with a vengeance though.

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Yes, we all know, but we’re not going to tell you because we don’t like you either.

I will tell you one thing: not one ex-Ticat QB has appeared on national TV denouncing his old team in an effort to atone for the shame of having played with them before meeting his maker.

Classic reply, well done :rockin:

I guess TiCat QBS just aren't pretty enough for tv or they mumble too much having had their brains scrambled once too often playing behind woeful TiCat O-lines.

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There's been a lot of nasty things said about D.McManus on this board over the years. But no one has ever said he's not pretty.

Then let it be said.
Danny Mac is NOT pretty.


Sadly Ed Buchanan passed away in 1991 of Lou Gehrig's disease.