Old Ticat Nick Names

hehe.... i contributed to that list of nicknames

Every receiver named "Baker" in the history of football has been nicknamed "The Touchdown Maker".

But Keith was also "Shake 'n" Baker.

Nope Keep Trying ..

Remember read the thread for hints..

No More Guesses?

I will Tell All On Sunday After the Mac Game

I recall Keith Baker getting busted for a coke habit when he was with Ottawa.

So I guess he was baked.

Ok let's try BIG BEN. And best middle linebaker (or one of) we ever had!

Sorry seen this was already given erlier- :wink:

Ok Sorry Here are the Answers to the Nick Name Quitz from Rufis Baby the Book By Rufus Crawford..

Keith Baker " Sliver hairy" Wolfman
Gerald Best "Blind Music" Stevie Wonder
Howard Fields " ABCDEFG BOOM"H-Bomb
Diter Brock "Bug Posion"Deet
Frank Kush "sclavus servitude"Slave Driver

Mosca....Horse....got that name in the shower room. :lol:

The late and great Gary Lautenss created some good nicknames for the Tiger Cats when he worked for The Spectator. He did well with Jim Trimble ("Jungle" Jim, and "Our Flawless Leader") but his attempt to label John Barrow as "Wheel Barrow" fell flat.
Bob Jackson.

Gentle Ben for Ben Zambiasi and Rufus Baby for Rufus Crawford
And The beasts from the east for the hard hitting secondary led by Jerry Anderson, Leroy Paul, Paul Bennett, Harold Woods. Ben Zambiasi at MLB.