Old Ticat Nick Names

Time for a Game .
Players from The 80's Nick Name.
all you have to do is Name the Nick Names Given By Team Mates.
If you have the right book you should Get Everyone..

Keith Baker
Gerald Best
Howard Fields
Ben Zambiasi
Diter Brock
Frank Kush

Have Fun..

Ben Zambiasi was the Cookie Monster.

it May have Been but it is not Name In the Book
I am Getting the Names From.

Sunday I will Announce the Nicknames ..

So Keep Trying ...

Hint :I was Talking about this Same Book on old ticats.ca Once you find book You'll have read it to find The Answers

This is Another is Hero of Mine.
He was Corry Holmes of his Day..Baby
It would be Nice for People to read His Great Story.

Diter Brock-"The Birmingham Rifle"

It May have Been But I am Looking for Nicknames Given to Players in the Book Copy Right 1990

That is the Last Nint You'll Get ..

Deiter's other nickname was given to him by the team management which was to depict the history of the region that being "General Brock".

Rufus Baby


Frank Kush - Uppercut McGee? (I'm just guessing here).

Very good You got the Book Name ..

Nice Try..

Keith Baker - yes that was his nickname
"Keith" he used to drink a lot of beer, he wanted to use the name "Keiths" but he had to shorten it to "Keith"

Go nuts with the Greatest CFL Nicknames:


Far before the proliferation of this "internet", us early adopters used the "usenet" to asssit in communication. Our own caretaker made a ton of money thanks in part to taking linux code that was shared via the usenet.

That link brings back some memories. Under the Fan nickname section:

+The Masked Men - found at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton
cheering on the Tiger-Cats, and at every Grey Cup. Their
name refers to the custom-painted black and yellow hockey
goalie masks they wear. Every Labour Day Classic (Hamilton
vs. Argonauts) their uniforms become yellow painters suits,
which they continue to wear until the end of the season.

We called Ben Zambiasi "SKYLAB BEN"

Nope Think London..

Think SkyLab 8)

Be "Blitz" Zambiasi?

Nope Think London Think Time and You'll get it..

Well you made that one easy "BIG BEN"

That Right.
One Down 5 to go…

Keep Guessing … Sill Left…
Here are some Hints:
Keith Baker " Sliver hair"
Gerald Best “Blind Music”
Howard Fields " ABCDEFG BOOM"
Diter Brock “Bug Posion”
Frank Kush “sclavus servitude”