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Is there a way in this software package to lock threads that have been inactive for years?
There was a 15-year-old thread that was necroed recently, on a topic that already has a thread created in the past couple of weeks.

I’m not suggesting deleting the threads, but locking them to more replies.


Yes sometimes that is done. Usually if an old thread duplicates a current thread and is resurrected then it will be locked with recent posts in the old thread transferred to the new thread. If there is no matching current thread when an old thread is resurrected it could still be locked for other reasons such as being too dated.

I am not sure what threads you are referring yo specifically and the moderators often don’t know if two threads clash if they haven’t followed them.

My suggestion is that you PM the moderators or a moderator if you think the situation you describe occurs. Old threads have also been flagged when resurrected at times with an explanation and a request for deletion.

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Thank you. I didn’t want to flag it and cause any issues with the other member. It is a thread on GC half-time shows from 2008 in the Ticats sub-forum. It’s flagged for you guys.

I moved it. I don’t accept these type of flags so it doesn’t go against a member.

This is a good example of a clash between threads that the moderators would not have noticed. Even the “new” thread is from 2012. I recommend a new one for 2023 for your home Grey Cup if this topic remains of interest.


Thanks for bringing this up @DisplacedCatsFan. I have been thinking about this off and on actually and will look at some possible solutions. I might setup an auto close on timer feature but we’ll see if it’s realistic for our forum’s use-case.


Most of the time this happens by some commenter who has not commented in months or years.

Sometimes I don’t know why, but clearly they are not familiar with modern use of the forum since whenever they were around, and sometimes they are trying to kick up some old discussion that has already taken place just to try to force their stale old point after the fact.

I’m happy to read there is more awareness on this matter that does not come up often, but for some reason in one random week it gets weird on this front.

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It would be a shame to close the UFO thread.:smile:

That thread from 2012 is telling as I just read through it and I would say that without a doubt the vast majority of posts in that thread are by members that haven’t posted in these parts in years .


it does beg the question.

If you start a new thread too soon, you run into being told there is already a thread. So when is it time to start a new thread on same topic? Of course years between posts is obvious but what about months? Or a couple of years?

Where is the line drawn?

just stop posting those crappy msn topcis or post them on facebook where they belong.

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an uncalled for response

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With the mean age of 60+ here
Most of those posters are probably worm food now!