Old School Defence from 1965

Since we are going to be facing the Stamps and their running game, how's about reverting to the 5 man D line with # 65 Marty Martinello on the nose. Perhaps Ted and Atkinson could switch to the nose. The adjustment could be just for first downs, although the pass rush would be interesting with 5 large D linemen.

I believe the old 5-4-3 had 2 linebackers and 2 corners and 2 halfbacks and a safety. Reinbold's boys will be challenged this week by Messam. A little surprise for the Stamps might be the difference for our boys. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

a good challenge for our D line. This matchup plays a little better to our strengths IMO then facing a more wide open pass happy offense.
Ted Laurent and Coleman have been money in the middle of the line so far this season. Nobody has ripped our D on the ground (Touch wood)

I just hope we never go into a "prevent" defence with just 3 D-Linemen. That's a recipe for disaster.

8) Pat, you should come to some of the TiCat Alumni dinners here in Hamilton.
   Many of your old favourites  from the good old days always attend.  Guys like Gene Ceppetelli,  Joe Zuger, Dave 
    Fleming , Willie Beathea, Mary Martinello, Bob Krouse, Ted Page, and all of our old favourites !!

    I'm sure you remember Dave Viti !!  He is an old friend of mine still from his playing days here in Hamilton.

     I used to hang out with him in those good old days (early to late 60's).  I still stay in touch with him, and he is 
     living in Florida these days.  Can you believe he is now 78 !!  Great memories of the Junction Tavern, and the good 
     old, "Swinging Door" bar in Hamilton    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

     One of my all time favourite TiCats !!  He used to play both ways, Tight End, and Def. End, and he was virtually 
     unstoppable  in either position !!  

      They just don't make players like that anymore !!!

       Thank God for those good old memories when the TiCats  were the best team in the CFL on a yearly basis !!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

I remember Viti (Boston College, I believe) and Stan Crisson from Duke as our ends on offence. I used to see Willie Bethea at Chedoke Golf course but not in the last year or two. He’s a good guy and good golfer. I taught Marty Martinello’s grandson in elementary school. That does make me old!

Those names do bring a smile to my face and remind me also of just how good our Cats were. The current version is building a solid base. They are not that far away from being the Beasts of the East again. To my old friend Tommyboy I would say " Patience my son."

Pat Lynch (the really old guy)