Old notifications popping up, especially badges

i know this has happened recently to a few of you - some old notification, mostly from badges, suddenly appeared in your user menu notification tab. this is the result of some update work myself and the rest of the Discourse support team are doing with the database tables and infrastructure. if this has happened to you, just click the “dismiss” button at the bottom of the user menu.


Well it appears this issue, which for me was very mildly annoying, went away already.

That whole badge deal is for yet another day for me. Or year.

i cleared them for you.

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also, this has nothing to do with the new menu. it’s just coincident timing.

Because you’re breaking other stuff in the background in parallel? :grin:

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As an example, I had a kitchen renovation done by agreement and paid for entirely by the owner two years ago in the summer of 2021. The original was from - 1972! Yes, pale yellow formica and old matching appliances too!

As a measure of goodwill because I am a good tenant and it took longer than expected, which is never a surprise, he even picked up the rent for the last month!

Anyway, indeed whenever renovation takes place, a whole lot of the stuff that is still good but not directly part of it is thrown out or lost in the shuffle. Or skeletons are found in a closet. Or pests.

Anyway, I kept ALL my glasses and dishes not because they are valuable, for they will be junked when I move and are cheap to replace, but because I like them just fine even with a new, modern kitchen!

And now let’s go back to Forrest Gump.

if this site was broken you wouldn’t be able to post lol

i’ve seen a broken forum. it isn’t a pretty sight. remember the messed up black login screen in dark mode? think that x 100


I KNEW it was you! :grin:


heh. i was there yes. notifications were an unexpected side-effect of some table analyzing and i didn’t see anything out of the ordinary til after you pointed them out. i don’t think everyone got notified, only those that met certain conditions of a trust level and likes.

I’m just messin’ with ya. Keep up the good work! :clap:
Don’t make TOO many changes though… Some of us old farts will get lost in the shuffle. :grin:

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lol. no more planned for awhile. i had to get this stuff enabled before football season(s). :slight_smile: