Old no-yards rule.

It seem that the league has decided to go back to the old no-yards rule of a 5 yard penalty if the punt bounces!

It went onto effect last weekend

I liked that rule, it doesnt seem right to penalize a guy for hustling down field...

the new rule was intorduces because defenders figured Im gonna get 5 yards anyway so why not nail him

They still can't hit the returner before he catches the ball. They can just hover like 3 yards away and get the easy tackle.

I liked the new rule brought in at the st art of the season. Special teams are the biggest plays of the game and when the returners dont even have a chance to break it, it's as boring as the NFL.

is this true ro, no more 15 yarder like at the beginning of the year if the ball bounces? Are you sure of that?

Thats right ro, towards the end of last year there was some nasty licks on the returner, CFL made adjustments, the players probably needed a little more time, to get use to the new rule..oh well back to old..

I thought that it was within the ref's discretion whether or not it was a 5 or 15 yard penalty.... like if the punting team's guy gets caught by a backwards bounce or something, it's 5 yards, but if it's obviously deliberate that he's within 5, he gets the 15 yard version. IMO, that's probably the best way to do it, so if the ref feels there wasn't an honest attempt to give the guy five yards, the punishment is a bit more severe.

I cant remember who the commentators where but they said the league had scrapped the new rule and were going back to the old rule of 5 yards if it bounces

I hope it's not up to the ref or Jake Ireland will be calling 15 yards every time against Winnipeg.

Whats to call?
5 yards if it bounces!
15 if it dont!

Not too sure that was a good move. Might as well say punish the guy, it's only worth 5 yards. Don't and he could run for 30. I liked the new rule, it made our game more exciting. Guess the refs did not agree with me...again. shush!

I do agree to a point, LeBird. The only thing is , when the ball bounces, its difficult to know where the ball will bounce, there are a lot of variables there.

Even though the ball bounces, if a guy really goes hard after the returner inside the 5 yard mark, can't they rule it still a 15 yarder for intent to injure or flagrant type of thing?

I hope they go back to the new rule next season, that seems better, cuz the player can withdraw for 5, or not for 15.

and you might what to double check it with Ask the Ref, or a news article just to be sure.

Once the ball hits the ground, it should become a free ball like on kickoffs. make the receivers catch the damn ball.

if your are on sides, it is a free ball though.

so let me get this strait, the old way is a player breaks the zone and gets the call of:
5 yards if the ball hits the ground
15 yards if the ball is Court and returnable

and you can have the ball live when it hits the ground, otherwise the punter will be punting out into the open field and away from the receiver, which should be his target on a punt.

I like the occasional offside punt, if it doesn't go out of bonds, but you got to give the returned the opportunity to return the ball

Will you forget about being ONSIDE!!!! and why in blue blazes would the league go back to the old rule after the season started this year only to switch back to the new rule next year?????????

I dont know who posted about the refs not likeing it but the refs dont makes the rules. The league does

Onside: The Kicker, the receiving team, and any player behind the kicking before the kicker kicks the ball, onside players can recover or return the ball at any time
Offside: players on the kicking team that are in front of the kicker before the kick, CAN'T TOUCH THE BALL, EVER!!!

you have to said that fact.

I liked the new rule, and I don't understand why it had to go, was it because the refs could tell?

sry, ro, but I''m going to have to read an article about it, or an ask the ref response to believe it.

still waiting on a reply to the 5 yard and 15 yard post. :roll: