Old Mosaic is laying on the ground

When she finally went down this afternoon (and it only took about 3 seconds it seemed) I had to shed a tear. When we were there for high school football that side was essentially brand new and a wonder to behold. Sitting in the stands up there during decades of Rider games galvanized my passion for the CFL, and laid the foundation for my kids love of the Riders, and spawned so many friendships as it was the quintessential gathering place from June to November. So many many good (and some not so good) memories. All of them very worthwhile and part of the Rider Pride journey. Even today's knockdown was just like so many years of our Riders: late to start but one hell of a finish.

Farewell old girl.

Hopefully the new neighbourhood that gets built there has some inherent reflection and pays homage to Taylor Field as it gets developed. Go RIDERS!

Here’s video compliments of MSN news.

Msn video

(loaded slow for me)