Old mods, gone but not totally forgotten

I know there are a few that I miss being here but the only ones I can remember are BeagleHound and Chief

A number of past posters I miss, but cant remember who all were mods.

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Earl, I think he was a mod.
JM02 was mentioned in another thread.
RO1313 is a former mod (yes, seriously!)

Not a mod, but turkebend was a hilarious poet

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JMO2 is prairierouge and they haven’t been around for a few years.

I miss Turkeybend! Some people actually thought he was serious. Damn, he was funny.

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What ever happened to beaglehound? Learned alot about religion from that guy

If you are truly a new poster, and not someone from the past who has a new name, how would you know that?

system logs and past posts, super easy to figure out.

So you specifically went back into the logs, to see if two posters who have not posted in years (before you started posting here) are the same person?

why does it matter what i do? and no actually i did not actually search. it’s much easier than that in the admin and mod areas and was quite evident. especially since they say they changed it.

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I just find your claim hard to believe. It is alright if you posted here under another alias in the past. Just be honest about it.

i don’t actually care what you believe about me or my past. no i wasn’t here before and i would say so if i was mr Policeman.

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That's Mr. Ticat Slayer.

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You and me go Phishin' in the dark
Sounds like someone is trying to get the "Nitty Gritty" on you.
speculation, actuations..... that's funny

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To get back on topic. I wonder what debralynn is doing these days...

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I thought it was a bit nonsensical... why would it matter if or how someone knows who an old poster is?


Lots of good folks refused to return from what I understand because of some of the hatred and vitriol that has gone on here.

There's alot of good folks who used to post in the Rider section over on the riderfans site. That's really the place to be to talk Riders anyway

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Earl goes by Aeriel now.. think his account was deleted after the switch over, tho still haven't seen him around

I seem to remember the name change to Aerial when the site changed over. Shame he kind of faded away. Good guy.

Hard to argue with that. I've left for that very reason myself, and stayed gone for years. Even after returning, sometimes I have to shake my head and say "why bother?".

I'm kind of waiting around to see if the added manpower helps the situation.

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