Old Logo for Labour Day

I think the 'Cats should use the old logo for their Labour Day classic.

The end.

People need to let go of the old logo. Its gone... let it go.

I think the new one looks far more slick.

I agree that the new logo looks "more slick" but Labour Day needs the old logo.

Save it for the retro game !!

[quote="tc23"]Save it for the retro game !![/quote

Since we are on the topic , has there been any sort of announcement as to which game this year will be the retro game?

I could be wrong, but I thought Reebok and the CFL announced last year, that there would be one game a year, for 4 years, with every team involved.

If they are going to retro back to a game involving the Cats, although it would be painful, I would choose the 1989 Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton Grey Cup game.

Hard to believe that this year will be 20 years since the greatest game ever was played.



Perhaps this is the re-match year? :thup:

Why does it NEED it?

i agree ... put the old logo for labour day ... for the simple fact that is is called the CLASSIC why not have something classic on the jerseys

he said for one game, not perminately... yeesh....