Old Folks (Injuries)

Jack Wells, the ancient mariner sportscaster known as Cactus Jack, father of John 'TSN' Well used to torment players who's wheels were falling off. Wells goes back to the CFL in the early 40s but most of his stuff emanated from sports in the 50s thru late 90s. Wells was fairly active until his death in the late 90s (1999).

He used to call these guys "OLD FOLKS". His first reference was to Kenny Ploen after 1965 when Ploen's once athletic body was plagued by broken knees, broken arms, broken necks & other maladies. Ploen just couldn't perform at the same level he did from 1957 to 1965.

If Wells was alive today the guys he'd label 'Old Folks' would be:

  1. Andrew Harris
  2. Michael Reilly (ret.)
  3. Duke Williams

Harris and Williams have been showing creeks in their bodies for a couple years. Age has finally caught up with Harris, who's prolly finished at 36. Duke is still active but seems to be ailing every time his body hits the turf or an opponent.

Any other old folks out there?

PS. I think Cody Fajardo & Jerry Masoli have begun creeping into 'Old Folks' territory.

Trevor Harris is 36

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Kevin Glenn, aka The Field Mouse was the CFL's resident 'Old Folks' for 2 or 3 yrs before hanging things up for a Tim Horton's coffee cup. (franchise owner). Glenn was also the CFL's veritable resident spare QB, rotating thru the entire slate of CFL teams while ramping up impressive passing numbers.
Only 5'8,5" tall, Glenn was the CFL's best guesser, because he could rarely see his own receivers downfield amidst the smog pursuing him.
You would also think a guy that short would compensate by being nimble afoot. Not so! Glenn might barely win a foot race with Chris Walby. He was mostly drop back 'n fire!