Old enough to be Pinballs daddy.

Does anyone think Damon Allen has any chance of finishing the season as a starter? Im so glad that we got rid of him before he turned into the Lions version of Trevor Linden. He's a CFL legend that should've retired by now so quality QB's like Micheal Bishop could get some steady play. Its going to be unfortunate to see Allen on the feild with a broken something, instead of on his feet, with a smile, waving goodbye.

When he's hot he's hot...., and when he's not, he's not..., they leave him in to long so as not to hurt his precious feelings.Him and Adam Rita must be lovers...., endured enough of that crap when they were here.I suppose he'll end up being the Gordy Howe of football.Maybe someday he can play with his kids.Looks good on Toronto! :lol:

Every time I see Damon start I am so thankful that he is not a Lion. His 6 years here was some of the worst offensive football in Lions history. It was awful. He rarely perform well for a whole game and never seemed to play well in consecutive games. Getting it together for the 3 game playoff stretch leading to the 2000 Grey Cup was uncharacteristic. Thanks for that but glad you are an Argo.

The right thing should have been making Allen a QB coach. He would have been a great mentor for the young QB's.