Old cfl tapes

Does anyone know where I would be able to get my hands on some old cfl tapes with games around 2004 to present?

That's a good question and I wouldn't mind a few from the old days myself. You would figure one should be able to order such tapes at CFL stores or team stores. Perhaps the CFL head office could help out. Or better yet, the CFL hall of fame in Hamilton could be a start?

I really wish the league would consider selling team's full seasons on DVD/BluRay.

I cannot count how many times I wish I had the Roughriders Championship seasons on BetaMax/VCR/DVD/BluRay

If I can buy the full seasons of Two and a Half Men (which is something I would never consider doing) or the full seasons of a plethora of crappy sitcoms that were canceled for good reason, why can't I buy CFL seasons on DVD?!

Make it happen CFL! You know it can be done. Make it happen! :thup: :thup:


I think it should be easy to do. I get the ESPN classic channel and they're always playing old school CFL games. That's another thing I find lacking at the CFL store, the fact that they have absolutely no videos. I know if you goto HMV, you're sometimes able to find those CFL traditions videos problem is they should've done them in a nice box set.

You mean besides the huge collection of stuff I recorded and have yet to watch? When it was mentioned that the Cats last won in BC in 2004 I realized that I probably have it on tape, and that I have yet to watch it. With some luck I might get to watch it sometime before Christmas....

I have recorded every game since 2004. What game are you looking for?

Now this is one serious fan! WTG! :thup:

I'd love to somehow get a copy of the 2005 overtime GC.

i'd sure like to see the 2004 labour day game between Hamilton and Toronto.


The Canadian Football Hall of Fame has a video archive. I suggest you contact them as well. Here's the link (http://www.cfhof.ca/).
Hope That helps.