i know everyones concerned with the outside LB spot. well i am at least. what do u think the best cenario would be?

personnally i would really like to see stevie baggs on the weak side. with his size and motor, i feel hes perfect for the spot. for ikes spot, i say they sign jackie mitchell. the guy obviously has good coverage skills, he had 7 picks in 03 i think it was. hes jut as good as ike was at tackling. hes pretty much the same size as ike to, with a lot of experiance in this position. personnally i think hes the perfect replacement.

for the ratio we'll obviously have doug brown at nose tackle, and 4 canadians on the o-line, so put franklin and stoddard in at 4th and 5th recievers, and your set with 7 canadian starters.

duane butler would be my second option, but taman really needs to bring in a proven dominant OLB along with simpson to solidify our Defence. if chris martin can move and fit into the position as well as ike did then simply cut the vet and go with the cheaper option. but im very against excepting an "OK" player filling in. i want as good as ike or better. i want to improve, not get worse(for lack of a better word)

I never did hear if anyone else picked him up, but if he's available, how about Singor Mobley???

hes got a huge injury doesnt he? like career ending almost?

Hmmm...he played all 18 games last season. I don't think whatever injuries he has are career ending. He can still play.

oh sorry, that was wiltshire i was thinking about. dont know why i got them mixed up

Why not move Hebert back to his native Linebacking position? I thought he was terrible as a Safety last season.

hebert would be a great option imo. logan will be ready to start at safety, and we can probly groom that nugent kid for the NI linebacker everyone dreams of having.

Hebert's a great hitter, putting him at OLB would be a good move from where I'm sitting. Picking up Jackie Mitchell would be my other option, I think I'd rather have him than either Wiltshire or Mobley.

Love Hebert, but the couple of games he played at OLB last season, I thought he looked a little weak.

i say stop bringing in old guys and lets take some time grooming some ppl

is mitchel really that old? i didnt think he was but what ever. brining in mitchel would give us a solid starter while we groomed if hebert cant fill in the linebacker spot. but he was great in ottowa in ikes spot, and im sure with a full training camp under his belt, and him practicing there, he will get his old form back easy. hebert would be a nice fit there IMO.

Too stuned to say anything to that...

Kyries was amazing at safety last year. Hes the best theyve had in years, and I agree he was a little weak at LB hes awesome at safety...

[url=http://www.kyrieshebert.com]www.kyrieshebert.com[/url] yea baby!

Dangit people, wait till TC.
you never know who will get picked up or who will impress in Camp.

Maybe the Bombers will Try: Onyenegecha(CB), Martin, Jazzmen Williams, at the Cover OLB spot.

The other could be Baggs or one of the Imports, NI’s picked up.
Hebert may be tried at either spot(cover most likely).

there are alot of options who knows.

Hebert is a better Safety, but the Bombers look to have better NI depth at Safety.

Bombers have also picked up an import Safety to perhaps move to the Cover OLB spot.

ha ha if we waited till tc what would we talk about?

well, I suppose that if we waited until training camp to talk about that, then we'd have to ......... ummmmmmm...........well maybe start up the umpteenth thread on a name for an expansion team in Halifax.