OLB Michael Fletcher available


Mike has been asking the Argos to let him go.

They didn't play him since Labour Day '08.

He loses the a whole off season to shop his services around
and now he has only 2 weeks to do that before free agency.


[url=http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/story.html?id=1242526]http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/stor ... id=1242526[/url]

Dare I say it? Let's take a look at him! He always laid out some mean hits and what with the crap the Argos have dished out to him...he sure would be motivated against his former team. Of course...I have no idea on his age or his fit into our system. Then again...I don't even know what our system is going to be? Still.....you could always invite him to camp to check him out.

Fletcher is a 200 pound linebacker, he's in a tough situation unless a team decides to play a 3-4 unlikely... Can he play halfback? I don't know. He's one of those guys that might have to wait for a spot to open du to injury.

Don Matthews treated Fletcher like he was invisible when he took over the HC job last season. Never gave him a chance to even get on the field. He still has a lot of gas in his tank, very explosive hitter, hope he lands in the league somewhere. Class individual.

Fletcher would be a valuable asset to the Ti-Cats. (depending on his expected contract)

But really, with his addition, (in the event that we get him) we'll have linebackers coming out of our ears.

I'd like to hear more about O and D line acquisitions. You know; "STARTERS.

Fletcher has played at around 210-215 lbs but this last year came into camp at a reported 230 lbs. There were some reports (whether true or not) that the Argos felt O’Shea wouldn’t be back and had asked Fletcher to bulk up to play O’Shea’s inside LB position. But with the added weight and a nagging foot injury he lost his mobility.
IMO if he were to get his weight back to around 210 and his under pins healthy again he could still be a force. He is one tough and strong dude.

I'm a big fan. I hope invites him to camp. If he's muscled up to 230 he could play the middle. Toronto and Winnipeg are doing some very strange things. A lot of teams are going to show up Feb 16th. with lots of chips...

He would either play middle of weakside, the same options you have with Floyd. I don't think you need 2 older FA vets in camp for the same role. In fact, I don't expect the Ticats to be signing any more known linebackers, just some kids from the US that will hopefully impress, and maybe a later draft.

As for Fletcher, I think he will have a tough time finding a home with any team in the league.

Fletcher could be a good signing but I would wait until we see what happens with the other soon to be free agent linebackers like... Maurice Lloyd, Sean Lucas, or Anton McKenzie but Fletcher is definitely a player worth signing if we can't sign one of those three rider linebackers.

Lucas = strong side = Knowlton; you already have an all star, don't waste your money
Lloyd = middle = Floyd; at least thats the plan. if not him then Siskowic
McKenzie = weak side = Mariuz; if Floyd doesn't work out in the middle then he will be at this spot instead.

So the best option for the Cats would be to sign Lloyd and move Floyd to weak side. Unfortunately for you, Lloyd, IMO, is a selfish guy and will sign with a high profile, winning organization. I doubt he will be the type to gamble on being the difference maker in Hamilton and lead you to a championship. I think BC is the most likely.

Wouldn't a "selfish" player want the money over playing for a contender? Wanting to be on a contender is not being selfish in anyway whats so ever. He is a middle linebacker and we need a middle linebacker(Mariuz is just not gonna cut it and Floyd will take his job) So if he is still up for grabs I'm sure any "selfish" player will agree to play here if the money's right... just ask Printers.

So your opinion of Lloyd is that he is a selfish guy who only wants to play for a winning organization? That's a bold statement to make when you are only going off of your knowledge of the player which seems to be VERY little.

I think unless the talent of our defensive line improves drastically over the next few weeks we might consider signing him and running some kind of 3/4 with Floyd, Knowlton, Mariuz/Barrenechea, and someone else, maybe Fletcher, theres alot of talented veteran linebackers coming available in the next few weeks.

Lloyd?? Really?? I had no idea… :lol:

Well if that damn "girl" wasn't off winning super bowls I would suggest we sign Lloyd, Lucas, and McKenzie and trade them to Pittsburgh for him so I can be his biggest fan and grow my hair long and worship him... :lol: LMAO

But until that happens I will still keep to my dream of having Lloyd patrol our middle linebacker position in 2009! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Michael Fletcher just released by the Argos