OL Ryker Matthews tryout with Steelers

James Layton?
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#Steelershosted#CFLOT Ryker Matthews for a tryout today

Has a deal with the Pariots.


This, pretty much confirms he’s got an NFL deal somewhere:

NOT good news. :frowning: :frowning:

This is a huge loss and i don’t think we have an internal candidate for the more important blindside Tackle position.

We better draft wisely then. Another Ciracao or Revenberg should be our top priority with our picks.

Good luck to him

Should clear a whack of Cap space

Former@TicatsOL Ryker Mathews has a deal with the@Patriots. The flow of CFL-to-NFL talent continues …#CFL#NFL

— David William Naylor (@TSNDaveNaylor)January 11, 2019

I would assume they will give Avery Jordon a shot as June Jones feels he has a huge upside and he looked ok last year in a few starts as a raw rookie and new to the CFL game.

Darn NFL is starting to take alot of CFL players. Luckily for us that Banks is too small for the NFL as are Dean and Simoni.
I think Bighill might be the next to go along with Willie Jefferson, J’G’ared Davis ,Micah Johnson, Delvin Breaux, Ciante Evans, Greg Ellingson, Kyries Hebert, Mike Reilly, Devier Posey, and Bo Levi Mitcheĺl.

Isame Faciane, Kay Okafor, Avery Jordan, Kelvin Palmer, and maybe Vinston Painter from our neg list should be able to cover either tackle spot. Plus we do have 5 picks in the first 22 in the draft. Mathews was the right tackle with the Cats and I wish him well but I would welcome his return if the Pats don’t work out .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Yeah I wish Rycker the best as well as I met him a few times and he was a very nice and humble gentle giant of a man from Utah.
I very rarely saw him get beat or called for holding .
I sure would welcome him back if things don’t work out in the NFL

Along with releasing Mathews, the TiCats have also registered a new contract for INT WR Rashad Lawrence who finished up '18 on the P.R. after being active for 10 games, catching 17 passes for 131 yds.

Source: cfl.ca/transactions - 2019-01-11

Rashad Lawrence…WHY???

Kyries Hebert is 38 years OLD. Would be shocked to see him land in the NFL.

Isame Faciane, Kelvin Palmer my early favourite choice for the tackle spots with Matthews returning to the Cats early in our season.

I don’t see why his rookie contract would have been at a high pay level. He was unproven (and American) when he got here.

  1. I doubt that he was making a “WHACK” of cap space, here Grover !!
I don't see why his rookie contract would have been at a high pay level. He was unproven (and American) when he got here.
http://forums.cfl.ca/Smileys/default/cool.gif I doubt that he was making a "WHACK" of cap space, here Grover !!
Okay, Okay, I will reconsider and change from a "WHACK" of Cap space to a SMIDGE of cap space. 8) ;)

If he re-signed it would be a " WHACK" ;D

While I agree it’s a big loss , Matthews didn’t play the blindside . He was our starting Tackle on the right side of the line . While it won’t be easy he is still replaceable . As for not having internal candidates signed and on our current roster we still have as of this posting 3 import O-Lineman who all saw some game action last year at one time or another in Kevin Palmer , Avery Jordan and Isame Faciane available . We also have up and coming young Canadians such as Kay Okafor and Everton Williams for depth as well signed for next season .

Would help tremendously if we can use our two Nationals as starter and backup. Let’s hope one of the five signed can start.