OL Line on TD

OLinemen are often overlooked....but, watch the winning touchdown. It was like a stick of dynamite had been lit in the middle of the Montreal defense!

The O line was still driving the Als back into the endzone, even after the td. They were possessed on that play.

Great effort by Burris. Great job by Lefevour. Great TD by Gable. Great defense.

But...great effort by the Oline. They kept the QBs clean all day.....and they gutted out the winning TD.

Having Simmons and Figueroa back is huge!

The team heads to Toronto healthy.

The roster for the next game will be the best we have had all year. The O-line should give another solid performance.

Dyakowski and O'Neil shone on that play. Excellent.


Watch big Pete drive Emery to the back of the end zone!