OL Greene close to signing

Bombers - Don't do it. I have heard that Greene has some serious health issues and that was the reason for the release from the Riders. They wanted him to retire for health reasons (neck and pec problems) and he wouldn't so they released him. Greene was great but I don't want to see him hurt. I will be surprized if he passes the physical exams and then even more surprized if he gets through TC with or without an injury.

...NICE addition i would say....i.m sure the Bomber training staff will put him through a rigorous examination before he takes the field...don't worry narles...i'm sure he'll be just fine...we are starting to take on the appearance of a very strong unit... :wink: :thup:

Geez papa,the way the Riders are losing players, The Eskies will be out of last place in no time! :wink:

…I don’t know if the Green Guys are even making an attempt to sign any of their fa’s sport…i guess the Shiv. dug them a pretty good financial hole before he left…SMS is taking it’s toll… :roll:

Can we give you Charles "Mr. Holding" Thomas as well? :lol:

Spoken like a true rider fan! My sentiments exactly... lets get rid of thomas...

jm02 will be brought to tears if he's every traded away from the Riders.....

Isn't he her favorite player? :twisted:

.....tears of joy me thinks! :wink:

Take him. I insist. I require no compensation, whatsoever.....just take him.

How pathetic is that, we cant even give Thomas away… :lol:

...sorry sambo...we've signed enough of your guys...you better 'hold' on to Thomas......is there any chance he could hold on your field goal attempts...probably a better spot for him...so don't hold your breath waiting for us to take him off your hands... :lol: :wink: