OL Clark extended

2 years

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/riders-announce-contract-extension-with-ol-dan-clark]http://cfl.ca/article/riders-announce-c ... -dan-clark[/url]

Great to see some proactive work. Obviously a concern when future management is in flux.

On a side note, Curran has signed on with the Lions...a lil suprising the Riders didn't chase him down. Simmons is out from Bomberland with Wild returning

Jamie Nye @jamienye
O'Day says they haven't gotten a lot of cap relief from the players on 6-game due to contract structure. #Riders
11:51 AM - 22 Sep 2015
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This is why they couldn't go after Curran...

This is why Taman is sitting on the unemployment line too

Yeah it may be that we are in worse trouble for the future then we think if Taman screwed up contracts and our hands are tied to do anything down the road in the near future. Hope that isn't the case as it could be more then one or two very lean years not only behind us but also ahead of us.

And then in the next breathe they are in talks with Heenan lightly. I don't buy that it is as bad as he says...bad, yes...that bad...no. we all saw how bad some of the contracts were...but unless he gave half up front every year to DD, Getz, Dressler, and a couple others this makes no sense...or they were 300k+ over the cap

If it is that bad contract will be renegotiated...if plays refuse they will be gone. don't have to give less money...just have to give it in different ways...no US tax sheltering bonuses

This does not sound possible. Even if you pay a guy 10 million dollars no matter if it is base salary or bonuses or anything, one third of it does not count at all if he's on the 6-game for all 6 games. So this means 2 things, either there's secret clause to the 6-game rule that we don't know about, OR O'Day is full of manure.

it is possible if you are foolish enough to pay players a significant roster bonus...essentially a part of their contract upfront as soon as the season starts...something that is appealing to US people who get some tax shelter on that type of thing. Say DD got 200k upfront (not saying he did, but it is very possible) then he is 200+1 game against the cap. There is always some level of this...but the way Reynolds was talking about BT's cap management I wonder if he was doing a lot of it. You see this a lot more with 1st year of a new contract...but it something that is around to some degree on years after that. It is not only a tax shelter, but it tells players (who do not have any guarantee of contract fulfillment) that they are likely there for the log hall and not week 2 fodder

Scariest part...if it is built into contract per season it is not going away next year and won't be a pile better until 2018...unless they renegotiate, trade way or release some of those guys

The fact that Richardson received a signing bonus should be an alarming tale as a part of the equation....even if it as small it was definitely out there that he got one...telling

Cap space is dicey...........it shouldn't be but now we're starting to hear and understand whats been going on.

It could hamstring O'Day for a while but hopefully not.

No doubt........with cap issues..........some very popular and hard working veterans will be leaving the club. Given the cap space issues guys aged 32-35 are done. We gotta create space.

TBrack might become the hardest decision of all............

T-Brack has played like crap this year. He is by far the most disappointing veteran this year. It breaks my heart to say it, but he would be the easiest cut to me.

Actually I think the hardest decision will be Dressler. God knows he has not seen many balls this year and no doubt his contract is significant. It will be a dark dark day in Riderville if they have to trade him.

I know depop has brought up the possibility but I still think if it happens in the very near future it will take the heart of the team and that is something that is hard to put any price tag on.

Dressler is an easy decision. He stays. He loves the team and the province and wants to stay. He's an elite player, top 5 receiver in the league. He's healthy as ever and still has at least 3 prime years left in him. He has every on field and off field intangible imaginable. He is 100% quality through and through. The only way you could get return value is if someone was stupid enough to give you half a starting defense for him. No way that it will happen.

General Managers have wet dreams of acquiring guys like Dressler. Why on earth would you think about moving him?

Oh trust me I agree but it isn't out of the realm of possibilities either.

I will compare Dressler to Doug Gilmour when he was with the Leafs. He was the spark plug that the team and fans rallied around but when they traded him the team certainly lost that fire and the Leafs have struggled ever since. How many years ago was that? I honestly feel that could be the fate of the Riders if they do go ahead and dump him.

Teams need players like Dressler to give them that extra spark. Without them they seem to be lost. Every good team has at least one of these types of players and while Ryan maybe that same type in the future right now he is a rookie and while team mates may see his potential it is the veteran who has gone into many battles that they will follow. That is Dressler to this team in my opinion .