OL a worry for Winnipeg game

Sportsnet says Hudson likely won't play this week and neither will Lumsden likely. As Taaffe tells them "The only problem when Jesse can’t play is it alters the ratio".

This leaves us with Hage, Rempel, Dyakowski, Thomas and Cavka starting, and just Woodard as a back-up. Pretty risky to go without a Canadian back-up isn't it? Does this mean Lumsden will have to dress and be used in the event we have to take a non-import OL out and put an import in?

The only other OL on the roster are non-imports Gagne-Marcoux (injured) and Bekasiak (injured and newly converted from DL to OL), and import Gerald Davis (practice roster).

I thought Rempel looked OK last game, but he is unproven really.

We could be in trouble...although it would be hard for our OL to be worse than Winnipeg's!


Woodard as starter, Rempel as back up.

Woodard as OT, Cavka as OG. Rempel as back up.

What about the ratio? To start Caulley, we needed 3 non-import OL.

To start Woodard, Cavka, Hage, Thomas and Dyakowski, we have to start a non-import somewhere else.

Where? At receiver maybe?


Or on Defence. Jermaine Reid?

There's some other issues with the ratio besides just the on-field OL -- they're also having to take two imports off the roster entirely for a week because of the NI injuries.

The Cats problem is that they have no extra Canadian lineman around with Bekasiak still injured. They had to bring Rempel up off the practice roster but he should have been replaced by another. Every CFL team should have at least 1 Canadian OL on the practice roster at all times for situations like this.

That would be a better idea than starting an extra Canadian receiver. We have too much good import talent at receiver to have less of them out there. Its better to rotate Bauman and Woodcock at the same position like they did last week.

Winnipeg is going to be desperate for
a win thurs. so their D-line will be
playing above their level, if our
O-line is not playing at the same level
as last week, williams will be running for his life. I think we might lose
this one. But when was the last time
we have won two in a row.????

Have another Canadian receiver ready instead.

I can't believe the amount of injuries not just on the Cats but league-wide this year. Especially the amount of season-ending ones.

The broken legs in particular have me scratching my head.

Could it have something to do with the versions of artificial grass currently deployed in the various CFL stadiums? Maybe something about them changes over time to make it grab more? Or something about how they are being maintained? Or maybe something about the shoes some players are choosing to wear on them?