Oktoberfest at Your Stadium

Just noticed a Redblacks promo for Oktoberfest for the coming game vs Montreal.

And Montreal, I think, did some Oktoberfesting last game.

I don't recall being to an Oktoberfest game before.

Does your team/stadium do anything good for it? Any really decent beer or just more of the same but maybe cheaper? How about the food?


i haven’t noticed anything yet. bc lions have their fan appreciation night coming up. haven’t seen anything local yet.

Here's a bit about the Winnipeg offering:



i think it’s a great idea

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In Sask we have no teeth, so we is still trying to gum our thanksgiving turkey.

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Maybe they should get Thiadric Hansen to do a tour of CFL Oktoberfests and share his reviews of each one. I mean, as long as he's on the IR and not playing....


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