Okay, We Won The Game......BUT??

I wouldn't be a true Ticat fan unless I complained about a couple of things despite a historic comeback win....BUT....When the 'Cats scored to make it 31-26 for Edmonton WHY didn't Austin go for the two-point convert to make it a one score game? Gotta go for two points in that situation. What was up with the play calling in the final 28 seconds? Why risk Gable fumbling and giving the Esks another chance to score? Get into the bloody victory formation and run out the clock!!! I love coach Austin and everything, but these things have to be better managed during the game or it could come back and bite us real hard.

I questioned them going for one as well. I suppose he went for the easy single point (oops) so that when they scored their next TD, they'd be ahead by three with another single point convert. Showed confidence that they'd actually get that TD rather then just playing to tie with a field goal?

Not sure why they were handing off to Gable at the end. There were 30 seconds left after the fumble, and with it going out of bounds, the clock wouldn't start until the snap. Take a knee, the clock is at 29 seconds (one second for the play). Second down, allow the play clock to run down to 19, take a knee. The clock is now at 9 seconds (again, one second for the play). Third down, let the clock run down, take another knee. Game over.

Except ... did Edmonton still have a timeout left? Not sure, and if they did, why didn't they use it at some point? Would they have used it if Hamilton had taken a knee on first down?

No "buts" from here. I have to confess that I thought the game was effectively over at half-time, and the 3rd quarter opener by Edmonton was the final nail in the coffin. Got to have a stronger faith!

After that I was just watching to perhaps see some of the back-ups get some reps. I didn't think we were coming back until Reilley lost it with his O line and went postal when the coach was talking with them.

The body language when they all looked over, seemed to be a collective "get your act together, then come see us". Suitor tried to cover it up with the "fist bumps, helmet taps" spech, but I think Reilley embarassed them, and they gave up on him.

Great come-back, great win, and is that the theme from "Rocky" I hear swelling up in my head?

I think you might be right. One thing though, would you have booted the (short) FG on first down making it 40 to 31? I wouldn't because even though he has been Mr. Perfect on the road, one miss by Maher and a run back for a TD at that point would have been a total disaster.

I personally think Austin showed he had confidence in Gable to run out the clock without fumbling. It would be nice to know what was running through his mind at that point. I don't know if he would be able to think clearly after Stephen's strip of Reilly and Dean's recovery (oh the excitement of it all). I do know I wouldn't be able to myself, so how can we expect Austin to?


Can someone please explain why the 'Cats weren't allowed to run the ball into the endzone after the fumble recovery? The ball came loose. Dean recovered. He lateralled it and we were on our way to the endzone. Edmonton committed a facemask call and the flag came out. Then the play was whistled dead. Why? Did I miss something?

The only thing I can think of (and TSN said NOTHING about it) was that Dean's lateral to Lee was deemed to be a forward pass. Other than that.... You got me!

That clip of Reilly going postal should be on this site (I'm unable) as a tribute to the defence. He is now in a deep hole with them and from here it looks good

I think you are correct, Ramrod.

This could/should be one that "Command Center" is reviewing.

Happily, it made no difference to the game, but explains why it can be smarter to keep that yellow challenge flag in your pocket at times.

We really, REALLY, outcoached them on this one! Eskimo's 'might' be a better team, man for man, (I'm being nice, someone notice?) but our coaching staff is fantastic. The only coach I fear is Buono.

I think the second ball carrier stepped out of bounds.

From the game log:

(00:56) M. REILLY Sacked by C. STEPHEN (8 yds), M. REILLY Team Loss (-8 yds), Fumble, Lost, Recovered by L. DEAN (28 yds), Lateral to T. LEE (8 yds), [b][u]Ran Out of Bounds[/u][/b], Penalty: Face Mask called on Edmonton (D. BATISTE) (12 yds.)

Thanks for clearing that up. Those were the only 2 things that I thought might have happened. Jeez, the broadcasters analyze everything else into total insignificance; But, here: Nothing! Thanks, again.

There was something else here that I wondered about: if a QB fumbles the ball as the result of a tackle, does it still count as a sack? Apparently it does.

One thing that bothers me this year is that TSN has stopped showing the sack tallies. Apparently the Cats are leading the league, and after seeing them at the bottom for so many years it would be nice to see them at the top for once...

Ahh the Sack Attack. I miss that. Hope they bring it back as the season wears on and sack totals keep climbing.

For those who think they know better than Austin... why not send your resume to Bob Young?

As fans, it's our job to support the team, not coach it.

What the hell are you talking about CFLFAN? Of course it's our job!

I can't wait for the first 'Fire Austin' thread of the year.

I made a meme in anticipation of it, because you know it's going to happen....

Are you saying that no fan should be allowed to question coach Austin even when he's made some questionable decisions??? Just support the team and shut up??? Hmmm!!!!

Yeah, slagging the coach is part of the fun, and the reason he gets those big bucks! :slight_smile:

If you want to read some coach bashing, check out a few of the threads on the Alouette's forum. I think they are boiling the tar, getting the feathers and searching out rails to run the owner and most of the staff out of town. A real hate on for Popp!

And O'Shea must be looking over his shoulder. Like they say, it's a lot easier to find a new coach than it is to find 24 new starters. :?

Not saying that at all, but rather that we shouldn't think we know better than him. He's the one paid a half million per season, not any of us.

Not liking a play is one thing, but thinking you know a better method is silly. 90% of every successful play is based on personnel, or future plans in the game. While Owens made a great catch, most would drop it, and he easily could have. My highschool coach would only go for 2 when truly needed at the end. If there was any decent amount of time left he always went for the sure 1 point.

Okay, I'll forgive the attempt at the one point convert "since there was a decent amount of time left" but there is no way the 'Cats should have been handing off the ball for some running plays in the final :28 seconds. Should have been in the victory formation to run out the clock. No excuses.