Okay We Get It. Enough Already!

The National Post has for the past few weeks had several of their NFL shills, I mean writers, or a guest NFL shill, I mean writer, write their opinions of the supposed cFL/NFL battle for Canada.

The Globe and Mail has had at least 6 articles in the past two weeks on the same topic.

If you read these articles, they all say the same thing. They all spout the same supposed facts with no evidence to back them up. They all tell us how great the NFL is how much the CFL sucks for various idiotic reasons that make sense only to the writer.

When you read the idiocy these people spout, first whats obvious to me is how thin the writing talent the CAnadian media is.

And second, you have to wonder if the people working for these papers need some kind of psychiatric councilling?

Because I mean this hatred of the CFL hides some kind of deeper problem they have with this country.

People. Its a bloody sport. It doesn;t hurt you.
What has the cFL done to these people for them to hate it so much that they pray for its death and write the same articles over and over and over and over?

Its some kind of strange fetish with alot of these guys. I'd love to know what their motivation is, because this infatuation these papers have with killing off the CFL is bordering on insanity.

Okay, Berezin, we get it! Enough already! :wink:

Well this morning there's two more featured articles in the Post and Globe spouting the same thing again.

ON top of the the 100 other articles the past few weeks on the same thing saying the same thing but in a different way.

This may not be a story where you are, but in southern Ontario this is getting to the point where you have to start questioning the mental stability of the people who work for these newspapers.

just a thought… write the newspaper? your preeching to the converted here man. we know our genre of football = much better. personally im going to try and boy-cot as much nfl as i can this season… espcially the games shown in canada.

Hooked on Phonics worked for me ?

Don't worry, I've written. But whats the point?

But I've been reading basically the same article written by different people every day for the past month, and I started wondering what is it about the CFL that makes these people loathe it with a passion?

This is something a trained psychologist would have a field day writing a thesis on.

Because this almost fetish these people have with hating the CFL has to be based on some deeper issues beyond just not liking a sport.

...I'd say that, but without the smiley-winky-guy on the end...

Hooked on monkey phonics is better.